Saturday, January 31, 2009

Roll Over, Roll Sadie Rolled Over and Puke Spilled Out!

It's 9:00 pm and Sadie Emerson Smith just rolled over for the first time! My little girl has taken her first giant leap towards complete independent movement! Sadie's been laying on the floor of the blue room (computer room) and just rolled over from her back to her front. She rolled to her left, which is a bit unusual since she usually favors rolling to her right. I guess she needs to roll to the left more often, though, because she landed on her tummy! She hasn't been able to roll over when she rolls to the right, but she's so darn close that I don't think it will be long!

This really is a momentous day all around because Sadie had some rice cereal this morning - something she's been enjoying on and off for the last few weeks - then sampled some pizza crust at dinner, and had sweet potatoes just before rolling over. Yes, she's puked up sweet potatoes more than once since rolling over, but who cares?! Sadie is just a few days shy of the 5 month mark and she's rolled over!

Both Mommy and Daddy gave her a round of applause and she was a bit flabbergasted, though clearly excited. She's still rolling happily on the floor as I write this. Hopefully all of her moving around will tire her out a bit because she hasn't been the greatest sleeper these last couple of nights. I really think she may have been hungry since she's been so willing to sample all of these foods in the last 24 hours, but maybe she's just been frustrated that she couldn't quite get turned over. Right now she's happier than I've seen her in close to 72 hours! Rolling makes for one happy baby, it seems!

Roll, Sadie, roll! :)


Suellen said...

I just got the title of your post! :) Good Job Sadie. Pass some of those rolling vibes to Parker - she doesn't seem very interested.

Cathy said...

Saw on Suellen's, that Sadie loved avocado. Chris did too, back in the day! Aren't they precious when they move to real food!

amypfan said...

I'm way behind on the reading... but yay for Sadie!!