Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something New and Exciting

At a recent teacher inservice, I learned about an on-line scrapbooking program called Smilebox. Basically, you go to and can find MANY, MANY different types of things you can create - cards, slideshows, photo books, etc. I FINALLY had the chance to play around with it tonight and came up with a very quick presentation of Sadie's life so far. I thought I would post this and let all of my fellow bloggers learn of this wonderful program. The basics of Smilebox are FREE! You can also pay for individual items or for a subscription. I thought I'd just start out with the free stuff and see how often I actually end up using it. You also have the ability to print everything that you create (though I think you have to pay a fee to do that), but it still may be cheaper to create your own stuff on Smilebox and then print it out yourself too. I'd love to see other creations that people create, so let me know if you use the program and create something! I send you creative and happy thoughts!

Click to play Sadie's Journey
Create your own photobook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox photobook


Cathy said...

Very Cute!

Moonwatcher said...

Cute cute!

Anonymous said...

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