Monday, June 23, 2008

Ultrasonic Sadie

This morning was our last scheduled peek at our little bundle of joy before she makes her "real" debut in the world. As you may have guessed from the title of the post, we have decided to name her Sadie. We have a middle name that we like, too, but we haven't decided how to spell it yet, so you'll just have to wait a few more weeks to learn her middle name!

We have a couple of 3-D images and I think this one is the best. Sadie kept holding her hands over her face, so even when she didn't have a hand directly on her face, the ultrasound kept picking up the shadow. This is why it appears she has a hole in her head. She does not have a hole. :)

We did learn that Sadie, not surprisingly, has some rather large feet. Check them out! She also has some pretty long legs!

Sadie is measuring in at 4 lbs and 2 oz right now. The ultrasound technician said to expect her to gain half a pound every week until she is born (in 10 weeks). This means that she will likely weigh in at around 9 lbs. Her momma was 9 lbs 12 oz, so Sadie being big is no surprise!

Sadie is currently in a breech position and loves to kick mommy right in the bladder. Also, because she was breech and not overly cooperative, the technician wasn't able to get the greatest profile shot. It somewhat appears she has a GIANT bulbous nose. It's actually her hand again and not her nose. The top of her head is at the left of the picture and you can see her knees curled up at the right of the picture.

We learned that Sadie is in the 75th percentile for weight and length right now and that doesn't seem to have anyone worried because she is neither too small nor too big. And, because she has been growing so much, the fibroid has not been growing! It was exactly the same size as before! Yeah! This is very good news because it shouldn't interfere with delivery at all. :)

Finally, my mom and I worked on a few more updates to Sadie's room, so I wanted to share those too. Please see below!

Well, after a less than restful night last night, this momma is ready for a nap! Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Kicks and Big Excitement

Ok, ok. I know I've been a bit of a blog slacker. However, I have been keeping myself pretty busy! Since last I have written, lots of exciting things have happened. First, I finished my first year in West Jefferson as an intervention specialist. It was a FANTASTIC year and I think it would have been hard for things to go any better! I will definitely miss my kids next year, but they all promised to come back and visit and I do really believe that they will. After all, the high school is right down the hall!

My second piece of exciting news is that I'm going to have more sick days than I thought! When I left my position in Dublin to come to West Jefferson, I moved from a classified to a certified job. I was told when that happened that I could not transfer my sick days. While I thought that that really stunk, I didn't know who to complain to or that the person who told me was actually incorrect. I went over to central office in West Jefferson about 2 weeks ago to fill out the FMLA paper work to make sure everything's a go for my maternity leave. I was complaining to the one and only person who handles insurance and payroll for the district and she said that she thought that sick days should transfer from any public job to any other public job. So she got out her handy-dandy book of facts such as these and sure enough, my sick days should transfer. As luck should have it, the treasurer, whose office is next door, had been listening to our conversation and popped her head in to tell me that she used to work in Dublin and would call the person in Dublin who was in charge of their payroll. She did and after I wrote a letter requesting my sick days to be tranferred, I have now gained 17.5 sick days to the 15 I already had. This means 32.5 out of my 60 days I will actually be paid for. This is WONDERFUL news given that that's more than half of my time off paid for instead of only a quarter of the time paid for. Woohoo!!!!

In other exciting news, my wonderful and crazy husband has taken a week off of work to truly challenge himself! On Saturday I had to drive him to Wellington, Ohio. Wellington is a small town that's about 2 hours North and East of Columbus. This year Wellington was the starting and ending point for GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. Since last Saturday Adam has been cycling almost every day and camping at night in different towns. On Sunday he rode from Wellington to Gallion, Ohio, which is almost 60 miles. On Monday he rode from Gallion to Mt. Vernon, Ohio. This is around 40 miles. On Tuesday he had a layover day in Mt. Vernon and I went and picked him up and brought him home. He enjoyed a shower and a nap and then we headed back to Mt. Vernon with my parents. My Mom lived in Mt. Vernon for three years, so we drove by her house and then dropped Adam back off in "Gobaville." Wednesday Adam traveled around 50 miles to get to Coshocton, Ohio. Today he had a layover day in Coshocton and he will finish out this tour by going to Orville, Ohio tomorrow (home of Smuckers) and then back to Wellington on Saturday. While I, personally, feel is a little crazy for taking on this much riding, not to mention camping, he seems to really be enjoying himself, so I am greatful for that!

While Adam has been away, my parents have been busy keeping me busy! On Sunday they came over to help move the bed out of the baby's room. We then reorganized all of the clothes we have already purchased and put them back into the baby's closet in size order. Next, my parents helped to build the book shelf that we bought at IKEA last week. Then my mom put together the shelves that we had actually purchased at IKEA back in February. Then over the course of this last week, my mother has drawn (completely freehand mind you) several Dr. Seuss characters on the walls of the baby's room and then painted them. I am super excited about all of this, so I have to show you the pictures. The first several are of the walls of the nursery and then I tried to show you a little bit of the lay out of the room.

Isn't the room going to look amazing? Horton the elephant, One Fish-Two Fish-Red Fish-Blue Fish, the Lorax, and Yertle the Turtle are all making the room one very cool place to hang out! :)

Finally, the other part of the my entry's title is Big Kicks. This is because this baby has definitely been kicking a lot lately. She loves to move around and I guess I would prefer the movement than not have any and be worried that something was wrong. I have had many of you ask me "how big are you now?" So, even though it's far from the greatest picture in the world, here is a visual for you on "How BIG is Krysten?" :)

Hope you enjoyed reading and take care!