Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Update

Well, life is back to "normal" for now. Sadie is back to the sitter for the work week and home with Mommy and Daddy on the weekends. We've been busy enjoying the recent rush of nicer weather.

Sadie has had some more "big girl" changes. She can now ride in the front of the cart at the grocery store:

She has also transitioned to her "big girl" seat in the car:

I have to be honest that I'm not a huge fan of the new seat at this point. Her little head keeps falling forward when she goes to sleep. This seems pretty frightening to me, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. So, I guess I shouldn't be too worried.

Finally, we took Sadie out last weekend to enjoy her first swing at the park. She loved every minute and laughed hysterically.

Not too much else to report on here. I am very definitely ready to be finished with this year's group of students. Individually they are all nice kids. Together they are a nightmare. This week they are taking the state testing. I'm seeing very little effort from any of them, which is beyond frustrating. But, there's hope for next year that the new group of kids will allow me to see some improvement.

Hope you're all out there. I haven't had any comments on my last several posts, so I hope my lack of consistent blogging hasn't turned you all off!


Andrea said...

I'm still here - I just usually read blogs and then get distracted before commenting. ;) Cute pictures! Isn't it great when they can sit in the grocery seat? No more lugging a pumpkin seat around.

Cathy said...

Still here. Enjoying the cuteness!

Suellen said...

Of course, I'm here. Just haven't had time to actually post. I've been really busy with the musical (which will be over this weekend!)

We haven't moved P up to a big girl car seat yet, mostly because we haven't had time to buy one! We usually just leave the bucket in the car though and carry her in places. The head thing scares me too!

Krysten said...

I'm glad you're all still out there! I figured with two of you just having babies that you'd be pretty busy, but it's nice to know that you still get to connect with me in one way or another. :)

I got to see Tiger yesterday. He was driving through town on his way to an interview. It's the first time I've seen him since the baby shower in July, so he'd obviously never met Sadie. Unfortunately he had to meet us at the dentist, but that's another story entirely! :)

I have decided at some point this summer that I am going to take Sadie and head to Indy. Is there a good time for any of you?

Suellen said...

June is busy for us (but could be potentially arranged depending on when) and we are tentatively going on vacation the week of July 12th. We would love to see you!