Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swimming and COSI

We have had a busy Spring Break week here in Columbus. Monday and Tuesday the weather was not so great - it snowed! (Apparently something that will always happen on my Spring Break since it snowed so badly last year that we couldn't see the Grand Canyon!) But, we had fun despite the weather! On both Monday and Tuesday morning we went to the Worthington Rec Center to go swimming. Our pictures didn't turn out very well on Monday morning, but our Tuesday morning pictures were much better. Here are a couple of shots:

Sadie LOVES to swim! She's been swimming 5 times now and she gets more into it each time we go. We're hoping to sign her up for baby swim lessons in the next section, but that will very much depend on whether or not we can actually get in to the class. Hopefully we will, but if not, we will just take the class this summer.

Also on Tuesday we went to COSI - the Center of Science and Industry. They have a "Little Kidspace" that was awesome! All of my Indy friends, if you come over to visit again soon we will have to head down there. The best part is that the museum is FREE for teachers, so since that's most of you, it would be free except for parking (no more than $5.00!) I, personally, think that that's a pretty phenomenal deal! Here are a couple of shots of Sadie enjoying COSI:

As you can tell, Sadie had a good time! It was really nice that Daddy was able to take a few days off and play with us too!

Today we are going to the Columbus Zoo. They just had a baby elephant that was born at the end of March. He is on display from 11 am - 1 pm, so I hope we get to see him. Unfortunately since this is the first REALLY nice day we've had this week, I have a feeling that the zoo is going to be pretty busy! But, we'll make do.

Sadie got up at 4:30 am this morning, sucked down a bottle, and went right back to sleep. It's almost 9:30 am now, and she still hasn't gotten up. She must have been one tired girl! We went shopping down at the outlet center yesterday, so I must have worn her out!

Well, I've got some stuff to get together before our trip to the zoo. Take care everyone!

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