Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is today the day?

Well, the last few days have been interesting, if nothing else. I've pretty much decided that I'm DONE being pregnant. I had my hair cut and colored on Saturday. This was the final milestone of things I wanted to have complete before the baby. I know it was a bit vain, but I also know my picture's going to be taken a lot in the upcoming days and I want to look my best! :)

Anyways, starting on Sunday I have been bouncing on my exercise ball, eating spicy foods, eating any other recommended "natural labor induction" foods, talking to Sadie about making her entrance, continuing to work fairly hard during water aerobics, and trying many other methods recommended to me. If you have "the one" guaranteed method, please feel free to share. As long as it's not going to be painful or dangerous, I'll try it!

All of this work seemed to have paid off a bit. For the last several days, even before I started the "exit procedures", I've been having cramps. These are very similar to the cramps I would be having if it were just that time of the month. After telling my mother and several others this information, the general consensus was that I must be having contractions and just not recognizing them as individual contractions. In addition, my need to go to the bathroom, both kinds, seems to have increased significantly yet again. This means I spend a great deal of time in or around the bathroom. (NOTE: I am VERY, VERY ready to stop needing to visit the bathroom with such frequency!!!!)

Then, last night, I thought we were having a break through. I woke up around 1:15 and there was no doubt in my mind that I was experiencing some contractions. My constant flipping had pretty much already woken Adam up, so he finally said, "What's going on?" I explained that I was fairly certain I was having contractions. This spurred Adam to near instant action. Everything has been ready and packed for the baby for several weeks. However, my mommy bag had yet to be packed. So, starting at 1:30ish, Adam began throwing things into a bag. I had a very thorough list that was included in one of my doctor's handouts and he kept going down through the list to make sure we had everything that it mentioned. One important thing on the list was an outfit to wear to and from the hospital. As luck would have it, all of my most comfy maternity clothes were dirty. So, at 2:00 this morning Adam trucked down to the basement and put my clothes in the wash. Isn't he an amazingly nice man? After rolling around on my ball for a while and walking around, including up and down the stairs, my contractions seemed to have subsided and I decided to return to bed. After his laundry pursuits I convinced Adam to do the same. We watched/listened to an episode of Family Guy. Adam was relaxed enough by the end of it to go to sleep, but I decided I was too hungry to be able to get back to sleep. All I really wanted was a fried egg. So, I got up, went downstairs, and made and ate my egg. Then, I returned to bed. I got back in bed around 3:30 and slept fairly soundly until this morning at 6:00 when Adam's phone alarm went off.

Now I am wide awake and ready to head out to my school. My substitute was finally hired yesterday and I am meeting with her this morning to go over what the next 12 weeks may look like for her. Then, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I keep hoping that she's going to say, "Wow, you're fully effaced and dilated at least 4 cm, so you should just stay at the hospital!" I'm not certain that I'll get that lucky, but a girl can hope, right?

There's no WiFi at the hospital, so it may be a while before I am able to update the blog once Sadie does make her entrance. I'll do my best to get something put up ASAP so that you are all at least vaguely aware of what's happened.

Well, I've got to go to the bathroom and then it's off to school! Keep your fingers crossed for me that today is really the day!


Cathy said...

Woo hoo! I hope today IS the day and that you don't get a chance to read this because you're in the hospital, having Sadie! But if not, I've heard "marital relations" helps.

Krysten said...

Well, today is not going to be the day. :( I just got back from the doctor. There has been absolutely no change since last week. I'm still a little more than 1 cm dilated and 60-70% effaced. To say the least, I'm disappointed. Apparently Sadie's head is still quite high and until she decides to take the pelvic plunge, not much change is expected. She said she could induce me this weekend if I really wanted to have her, but I would have a long, likely unpleasant labor and have an almost 40% chance of having a C-Section. So, instead I'll keep trying all of my crazy natural induction methods and "thinking" my way through the next week! :)

Suellen said...

I'm sorry that today is not the day. I seriously hope that we get a phone call after she is born. I can't wait for a blog update! Things here have been pretty yukky for me lately. I pretty much feel like my entire abdomen is a giant cramp and that someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the back with a knife. I go to the doctor on Friday. I hope that all of this pain is worth something and not just normal pregnancy pain.

Andrea said...

Sorry today wasn't the day. I think trying to make them come out only makes them want to stay where they are. We tried all the tricks too with Hannah and no luck. I was 4.5cm, 70% effaced, head low, and having many, many contractions (although not regular enough to go to the hospital) for well over a week before my doctor suggested an induction and said my chances of a c-section would be no greater than if I went into labor on my own. I would have hesitated too if my chances for a c-section were 40%. Hopefully she'll come on her own soon - just keep thinking those positive thoughts!

Moonwatcher said...

Hey, today's not over, there's still time! :-)

Also there's tonight and I've heard as well that sex is a great way to start Sadie on her way out...have fun. LOL

Carrie said...

Don Pablos' salsa. Seriously. We were going to try it, but I was induced.