Sunday, August 31, 2008

Due Date Dud

Well, the day has come....and gone. Today is the day I have waited for for 9 months. It's 9:15 pm as I start to write this and I figure that even if I were to start having contractions right this very second, that Sadie would still not be here on August 31st. This is MUCH to my mother's delight. She has said ALL along that she didn't want her to be born until September. For some reason my mother has become obsessed with the Sapphire birthstone (also my sister's birthstone) and felt that the August Peridot simply wouldn't do. It seems she is going to get her wish. In fact, I just called her to tell her that she better be gathering the largest collection of Sapphires possible because I really feel pretty deserving of them at this point!

Anyways, here is a chronicle of things I did today to perhaps encourage Sadie to make an appearance. I began my day by bouncing on my exercise ball. I did this for quite a lengthy time while playing on-line solitaire. I wrote thank you notes to those people who have recently purchased gifts in Sadie's honor and whom I had been putting off the thank you note writing in hopes of including a picture of my daughter. I made Adam follow me around the house with light bulbs, installing them in all of the places where light bulbs were burnt out or missing altogether. I did some final rearranging in Sadie's room, including plugging everything in to all of the new outlets so that I could be absolutely certain that all the plugs were working and ready to go. I also convinced Adam to do some vacuuming after he had already emptied most of the upstairs trash cans. The two of us also cleaned off our desks and Adam spent a fair amount of time shredding those things that we did not need. Then, around 11:00 am, Adam's parents arrived. They decided to come down for the day, I think in hopes that I might go into labor. Obviously, no such luck. After visiting for a while and showing off Sadie's room, Adam's mom still hadn't seen it in person, we decided to go and eat some lunch at Buca's. We ordered eggplant parmesan and penne arrabiata. The eggplant is supposed to have labor inducing substances in it and the arrabiata is REALLY spicy! Even after filling up on those two tasty treats, Sadie does not seem like she's going to budge. We spent the afternoon back at our house with Adam showing Jerry how to play the many games of the Wii. Patty and I spent much of our time observing, but I eventually joined in when it was time to play Mario Party 8. Then, it was time for them to head back up to Louisville (right outside Canton) and Adam and I had some of the leftovers. Multiple servings of eggplant and spicy pasta and STILL nothing! Adam then headed upstairs to play World of Warcraft and I stayed downstairs to watch "Law and Order" and play more on-line solitaire.

So, for a day that I was QUITE confident I would be spending holding my new baby girl, I am left with still holding a sore belly and experiencing some tummy aches and heartburn from the spicy food! However, my dad assured me that he has read up on some new labor inducing technique that he will reveal to me tomorrow. So, since I will have met my mother's goal of having a September baby by tomorrow, maybe Sadie will be kind to me and start on her way out tomorrow! Plus, as several of you have mentioned to me via comment, e-mail, or conversation, perhaps Sadie already has a strange sense of humor and has decided that I should be laboring with her on Labor Day. If not, there's always Wednesday! :) No matter what, by this time next week I WILL have a baby in my arms! Hope you all enjoy your extra day off tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Babies are notorious for not arriving on their actual due date.

Sept 3rd has a nice ring to it!

Suellen said...

I feel your pain, but she will be here soon. (I keep trying to tell myself that too and I really have no reason to be complaining yet as Parker is not even close to late yet!) Hang in there. Wednesday is right around the corner!

Moonwatcher said...

I hope you are in the hospital as I write but just keep in mind that you will have a whole lifetime to hold Sadie in your arms. Let her come when she comes. I give her props for doing things in her own time (except when you force her out on Wednesday) :-D

Cathy said...

Your Mom is right, sapphire is a lovely birthstone, and you don't even have to be bogged down to one particular color, they come in all colors. And you have Earned many many of them, you go superchamp! Way to go, for making such a wonderful cozy home, that Sadie just can't bear to leave.