Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Reasons Why I am Having a Hard Time Posting

Since it's been well more than a week since last I've posted, I figured I should update everyone as to what's been happening in Smith world. We've been busy. Here's my list of 13 things that have kept me so busy that I've been unable to post:

1. I spend most of my days at home by myself from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. I spend much of my night wide awake with the baby. So, I sleep during the day. When I am not asleep I am either comforting the baby, feeding the baby, showering, or checking on everyone else's blogs.

2. Even when my husband is home to watch the baby or my parents come over, I usually just want a few minutes to relax instead of work on the blog.

3. I really wanted to have new pictures to post and kept telling myself that as soon as I downloaded them, I would do a new post. I still haven't downloaded them, but I decided to do the post anyways. Hopefully Adam will help me out with some new pictures soon.

4. On the days when I have had more sleep at night, I've been trying to get out of the house. Last week we visited the lactation consultant on Wednesday and my school on Thursday. Yesterday we met Daddy for lunch and then went to Babies R Us, out to Grandpa's school, and then out to Grandma's school to pick her up.

5. Last Thursday, my mom "fell" in the parking lot while walking to her car. By "fall", I really mean almost passed out. She had been having physical therapy on her shoulder and then all of a sudden got very dizzy. She thought she had an ear infection or was coming down with some kind of flu. So, on Friday, after going to school, she called the doctor. Unable to get an appointment, she went to Urgent Care. The Urgent Care doctor sent her to the ER. Her own mother died of a Massive Cerebral Hemmorage, so she had some concerns that my mom had perhaps had a stroke and that was what caused her to "fall." My dad had to go pick my mom up from the Urgent Care and take her to the ER. They got there around 6:30 pm on Friday night, weren't seen until after 10:00 pm, and then my mom was in the hospital from Friday night until Tuesday morning. They did all kinds of tests: cat-scan, EKG, MRI, scope down her throat to look at her heart, and a tilt-table test. The diagnosis finally came with the tilt-table test. She has this syndrome where her body doesn't efficiently pump the blood back up from her feet and when the blood pools there, she passes out. As soon as she feels symptoms coming on, she's supposed to lay down immediately. There's not a great treatment for this syndrome. Here's the worst part: she's not allowed to drive for a month! So, I've been rather worried about this whole situation and focusing my energies there instead of blogging.

6. Baby's first road trip. Last Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed to Great Grandma's house. Sadie was Adam's Grandma's 28th great grandchild! Pretty amazing! We have a great picture of Great Grandma holding Sadie and I promise that I will post it at some point.

7. From Great Grandma's house we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Brinkley's house. There we visited with Grandma and Grandpa Brinkley and Grandpa Brinkley's daughter-in-law and grand child. We didn't stay there too long, though because Mommy was hungry for some dinner.

8. We went to Uncle Tim's and Aunt Sarah's house. We got to see Uncle Tim, Aunt Sarah, and cousins Codey and Noah. We had pizza and calzone for dinner, watched the cousins play video games, and spent the night. We were awake until about 1 am and then slept until almost 10 am. Aunt Sarah made us a delicious and HUGE welcome cake. We have a picture of it too and will someday post it. We ate lunch around 2 pm and headed home around 4 pm.

9. We had to meet my dad at the Urgent Care to pick up my mom's car.

10. We went to my parent's house to drop off the car and also to catch up with my dad. We ended up staying and ordering pasta from Pizza Hut. It was actually pretty good! We didn't head home until almost 8 pm.

11. I spent Monday text messaging between my parents and Adam. We were still without a diagnosis for my mom at that point, so with each new test we all communicated about what we thought would be next.

12. We went to the hospital on Monday night to visit Grandma. Daddy was very tired from all of the driving and from staying up half the night with Mommy and baby.

13. It's taken several attempts to get this list completed. I had to feed the baby, attempt to go back to sleep with the baby (mission failed), and go to the bathroom while Daddy changed Sadie's diaper. Adam is working from home today, which I why I even felt like I could attempt blogging this morning. Currently Sadie is in her swing and quite content. I wish she would fall back asleep because I'd sure like to. On the other side of things, it might be nice if she'd stay awake now and sleep tonight. If nothing else, I'm learning what's on TV in the middle of the night. Thank goodness for Law and Order!

I do really, really love being a mom, but I am also quite sleepy and would very much appreciate a few uninterrupted hours of sleep. Maybe tonight if I'm very lucky! I promise to post some more pictures as soon as I have a few more spare moments to upload them, sort them, and make appropriate choices about what to post. Hope all is well with everyone else!


Andrea said...

All understandable reasons - hope you get some sleep very soon!

Cathy said...

You forgot #14 you have fallen madly in love with an adorable little piece of pumpkin pie, and as long as she's in the room, you cannot be pulled out the "black hole of cuteness."