Friday, July 18, 2008

New Nursery Photos

Happy Friday everyone! The day here is looking to be beautiful, despite the ridiculous amount of heat. I know, though, that it could be worse. We could be visiting my sister in Phoenix where they are trying for another record-breaking string of consecutive days over 100 degrees. I really don't think I could survive there in the summer! Plus, crazy Rhian is spending her days outside scouring the side of the highway for any archaeological remains so that the Arizona Department of Transportation can widen the highway. She works from 6 am to 3:30 pm with, I'm assuming, a break in there for lunch. This particular job is actually not in Phoenix, though, so the company is paying to put her up in a suite Monday through Thursday, at their expense, giving her per diem money for food, providing transportation to and from the worksite (including to and from Phoenix), and paying her an hourly rate. Now, I still would not want to be crawling around in the dirt in 118 degree weather myself, but Rhian seems to actually be enjoying this job. This is excellent news, since this will likely be how she'll be spending a great majority of her time over the next several years. But, back to the topic I said I would be writing about - the nursery.

I am posting the worst of the pictures first. This picture was supposed to show you the nicely framed window, the turtle hamper, and the crib. The crib is complete with freshly laundered mattress cover (thank you Mike and Kathleen), mattress pad (thank you Mom), animal print sheet (thank you Pam), decorative comforter (thank you to me), and one very soft and wonderfully sounding Sleep Sheep (thank you Dee and Ashley). It's a little dark so you'll have to look closely for all of the above mentioned things.

Now on to the better photos. As I have previously posted, Sadie is already a bit of a clothes hog, though she really doesn't know it yet. :) This is a picture of her closet. You can see 0-9 months clothes hanging. Then on the bottom of the closet in a laundry basket are 9-18 month clothing. Yes, she already has so many clothes that I had to start a basket to hold the overflow! You can also see on the shelf immediately below her clothes a basket full of baby socks and hats and a basket full of pacifiers, pacifier clips, and bibs. In addition, my fantastic Vera Bradley Capri Melon diaper bag (thank you to my Mom for attending the outlet sale in Fort Wayne) is on display on the right side of the shelf.

On to something new that I haven't posted before. This is a picture of the door leading into the hallway. You can see the Pack 'n' Play in the corner (thank you to Jerri, Debbie, and Jackie), an IKEA hanging device on the door, a giant safety pin that's holding the hand-knit blanket that Adam's Grandma made for us (thank you), and our baby swing (courtesy of one of the resale events that Mom and I attended).

This next photo gives you a peek at a wall you have seen in a previous post but with new additions. We now have several excellent board books (thank you to the Harris family, Pam, and my mom), a video monitor (thank you to Aunt Julia and Kary), a fantastic 3-tiered fan (thank you to my mom), our car seat, and a different angle of the crib.

Here is a photo of our diaper changing station. You can see the lovely pink crates that are storing many diapering goodies (thank you to Patty and Jerry), the Stride-and-Ride Lion (thank you to Kristen and George), and our new Diaper Genie II which I got an EXCELLENT bargain on at Babies 'R' Us with a sale this week and a coupon!

And finally, an area that has become one of my surprise favorite parts of the room. During our early-June trip to IKEA we bought a white bookshelf unit. It's FANTASTIC!!!! I bought 4 bins (2 pink and 2 blue) to slide into 4 of the 8 spaces (from the Container Store). Then we have room on top to display the cow humidifier (thank you Jenny), the Twilight Turtle, the Brightlings Stations (thank you Tiger and Megan), an IKEA lamp, a picture frame (thank you Patty and Jerry), and a crocodile clock. You can also see various toys and books in the other shelves.

So, for a room that isn't overly large, we've fit quite a bit in and I think it still gives you enough space to easily maneuver. We're pretty pleased with how everything has turned out this far. Now we have to wait for the electrician to come and install the overhead light and fix the outlets, but all-in-all this room is potentially ready for Sadie!

Well, my mom just called and she's on her way over the pick me up! I haven't even showered yet for the day, so I've got to run! Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend everyone!

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