Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tornadoes and Test Results

It is 5 o'clock in the morning on a Saturday and I am awake. I have had trouble staying asleep since around 2:00 am when my husband burst into the bedroom to tell me that he was going to take a shower (which I thought meant come to bed afterwards) and, by the way, we had some tornadoes heading straight for us. I guess that since I was only partially awake and therefore only partially processed what Adam had said, I went back to sleep, at first, with little trouble. Then my brain must have continued processing while sleeping and I kept waking up expecting to hear high winds or pounding rain or some other scary storm-related noise. These noises finally started occuring around 4:30 am. I got up to find my husband standing in the bathtub and looking out our small bathroom window so he could view the storm. When asked why he had not come to bed after showering, Adam replied he was expecting another phone call from work between 4 and 5 am (it never came) and didn't see the point in going to bed at 2:30. Call me crazy, some sleep is better than none, right? I guess this means that Adam can stay up with the baby when she can't sleep. :) Anyways, I decided that I was hungry and wanted to see what the weather people were saying about this storm. Adam and I both came downstairs. I had some cereal and now Adam is continuing to play his 50-turn game of Mario Party 3 for Wii. For those of you who don't know, a 50 turn game lasts at least 3 hours, but you can take breaks so that you don't have to play all at once. (Now I, and you, also know the real reason why Adam never came to bed. :) ) Adam is down to his last 10 turns now so the fun is wrapping itself up. I plan on returning to bed when I am finished with my blogging. I would guess that Adam will start another game. We'll see.

In other interesting news, I had to complete my glucose test on Wednesday. I was very nervous about taking the test. I know I have many risk factors for gestational diabetes and I had pretty much convinced myself that I was going to have gestational diabetes. Plus, I have known 3 people who have had gestational diabetes within the last year and just read an article the other day saying that more and more women are being diagnosed with the disorder.

I had to take my glucose drink to school with me and was supposed to drink it at the end of science class. On Tuesday I had had a discussion with the science teacher (who has 2 children) about having to consume the drink at the end of class. This then turned in to a whole class discussion about gross glucose drinks, tests done during pregnancy, and whether or not the students thought I would get sick while drinking the stuff. This, of course, meant that on Wednesday all the students were chomping at the bit to see me drink the stuff. It's a relatively small bottle, but it has to be fully consumed within 5 minutes. After seeing how excited the students were about the possibility of the stuff making me sick or have some awful reaction, I decided that there was no way I would be able to drink it in front of them. I figured one of two things would happen if I tried to drink it in front of them: 1) I would end up laughing and spit a large part of the stuff out OR 2) I would actually get sick (which seemed to be what most of them were hoping for). So, I dutifully waited for class to be over and then got in my car to race towards the hospital. I opened the container and started swallowing the stuff. It really wasn't so bad. It was like a strange version of orange pop. Now, admitedly, I don't like orange pop, but I had built up such great fears about how awful the stuff would be, that orange pop didn't seem so bad.

I arrived at the doctor and continued my waiting process. The nurse finally called me back. She asked me some questions and then wanted to check my blood pressure. I told her that I had no problem with her checking my blood pressure, but that I would expect it to be running a little high because I hate having my blood taken and I knew that that was going to be the next part of the appointment. She seemed very surprised that I needed my blood taken because the nurse that I checked in with had failed to mention that I had consumed the glucose. They are supposed to take your blood exactly one hour after you finish the drink. At the time, this was about five minutes away. Just as we were getting up to go over to the "blood station," a woman rolls past us with her stroller. In the stroller is her 9th month old son. Walking beside the stroller is her 18 month old son. And, as I soon learned, she was getting her blood taken because she was pregnant again. So, the fact had already been established that this woman was crazy and therefore what happened next came as no great surprise. The woman went to sit down in the "blood-draw" chair. The nurse had just given the 18 month old son a Dum-Dum sucker. Being that 18 months is still a little young, in my own opinion, to be fully responsible with a sucker, the kid decided to stick it to his baby brother. He took the stick of the Dum-Dum sucker and stuck it up the 9 month old brother's nose. Of course, much crying ensued and the 9 month old was gushing blood from his nose. However, since the mother was having her own blood taken, there was not a great deal she could do (not that I think she would have done a lot to begin with - she clearly has her hands full!). So as I'm watching this whole seen unfold I'm thinking to myself that since I hate the sight of blood, maybe I'll pass out before the nurse can actually get to me and she can just take my blood while I'm already down. :) Fortunately, the nurse that had brought me back to begin with interrupted this whole seen and told the blood draw nurse that I needed my blood drawn immediately because I had had the glucose drink and was out of time. This forced the other woman to deal with her screaming child and her 18 month old and allowed for me to have a seat in the "blood draw" chair. I explained to the blood-draw nurse that I don't like having my blood drawn and would prefer to get this over as quickly as possible. I also told her that my veins have a tendency to roll which usually means that I get stabbed multiple times, hence one of the reasons I hate having my blood drawn. She actually listened to me and used a surface vein in the corner of my elbow pit. This was GREAT because not only did it not hurt, but it left virtually no bruise! She had to take 4 vials of blood because of all the different tests they were running so while it did take a while for her to draw all of the blood, I didn't mind so much since it wasn't hurting me.

After the blood draw I had my regular check-up with the doctor. She had a hard time measuring me because my fibroid sits at the top of my uterus. This meant that it was challenging to tell what was fibroid and what was baby. So, she said that we would just get more accurate measurements at my next ultrasound. That ultrasound is scheduled for June 23rd, so stay tuned for those results. I did ask her about when I might hear back about the results of the tests. She said I should expect to hear from her by Friday unless there was nothing to worry about, in which case, she would not be calling at all.

On Thursday I had an appointment with my regular doctor. She always gets duplicates of my test results since she is my primary care physician. She came bounding into the room and was excited to tell me that I do NOT have gestational diabetes. YEAH!!!!! For those of you who don't know, a typical blood sugar level is somewhere betweeen 80 and 120. For a pregnant woman they typically extend the top number to 135. My number was 116, so things are really looking quite good!

So, I am now feeling much relief at having avoided another possible pregnancy complication. I'm beginning to even hope that I may make it to August without having preeclampsia (high blood pressure), but it's just a glimmer of hope at this point. :)

Just so that you all know, Adam has finished his Mario Party 3 game. He won, by a lot, and just told me that he is going up to bed! Fantastic! Additionally, the storm has now completed passed over us. So, it's clearly time to go back to bed. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Andrea said...

Yay for no gestational diabetes! I did not have gestational diabetes with Hannah, although I did fail my 1 hour test and had to take the awful 3 hour test. I have to say that I thought the 1 hour test was fine (I would describe the drink the same as you did) but the 3 hour test, which required fasting, almost made me both pass out and throw up. Luckily it came back fine but still - yuck!!!

Oh and we actually had a tornado hit near our house on Friday night - I wonder if it was the same storm! Luckily we were out of town and didn't have any damage when we got home. Glad the tornado didn't get you guys!

amypfan said...

I, too, had to drink the orange pop thing at school while many curious students watched. Not a good time. Glad to hear that you're doing okay!!