Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well, I have good news to report this morning, so I thought I better report it. Sadie has a place to go during the days beginning in January. She will be going to stay with a lady here in West Jeff. Her name is Amy and she is currently only watching two other children - an 8 month old boy named Blake and a 2 year old girl named Lily. Amy, Blake, and Lily all seemed very easy going and I felt very comfortable in Amy's house. Plus, Blake is a super cute little boy and if Sadie's going to have to have a boyfriend, I guess I'd be ok with it being him. :) Having this decision made has made me feel AMAZINGLY better and I'm quite glad to have Sadie be so close to me during the day. She's literally less than 5 minutes from my school. Amy is also not charging us an arm and a leg and will not be charging us if Sadie is not actually in her care for the day, which is a pretty unusual policy. So, I'm feeling pretty darn lucky at this point.

I'm also feeling really excited because my sister is flying in today. She doesn't get in until 10:30 tonight, so I won't actually get to see her until tomorrow, but just the thought that she'll be actually reachable in less than 24 hours is filling me with holiday giddiness. And, we're having our holiday potluck at school today and my mom is bringing Sadie out to school. So, I get to see my baby in only a few more hours!

Finally, our pictures are in from Penney's. I'm posting a few of my favorites, but you can follow the link below to see all the rest.

On another note, if you know Tiger and Megan, I talked to Tiger yesterday and they have learned the gender of their baby. Megan is due May 14. You'll have to talk to Tiger or Megan to find out, but they do know now. :)

Here's the link for the pictures:

Go to and enter the following:

Customer Name: KRYSTEN SMITH
Access Code: LTPP0741120209JCP


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