Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me and the Wonders of the Think Method!

Yes, I am putting in my own Happy Birthday plug. :) I am officially 28 years old now. I can't say I feel drastically different than I did yesterday, but I did get some EXCELLENT news today, so maybe I'm actually feeling younger and more sprightly! :)

This morning I got the best present that any expecting mother can hope to get. I got to see my daughter! I had an ultrasound. This ultrasound was in my doctor's office rather than at the more specialized center so the printed out pictures were not stellar. Adam, my parents, and I, however, got to get a pretty good real-life peek. :) And, here's the most exciting news - the Think Method works. So, for all you doubters out there you better start thinking more positively! After much picture-staring and discussion with Sadie, she has made the shift from breech to head-down! Woohoo! Go Sadie! Go Sadie!

And, in even better news, not only is Sadie head down, but she is way down! This means that she's more likely to start pushing against my cervix and causing me to dilate and efface. This in turn means that she can be born! Yeah!

In addition, the ultrasound also calculated Sadie's weight. Prepare yourself, she's a giant... the head, stomach, and leg calculations combined to guess that she now weighs about 6 lbs and 14 oz. Since our last ultrasound 4 weeks ago that means that she's gained more than the projected half-pound per week. According to my doctor her growth should slow down a bit after week 36 (that's still 2 weeks away!), but that she is definitely still on track to be over 9 lbs. Amy, you will also be glad to know that when she measured her head my doctor's comment was, "Whoa, that's one big head!" So, I guess Bryn is destined to have a big-headed buddy! :)

All in all, things are looking pretty darn good. I'm certainly feeling lots of movement still and I'm getting kicked a lot more in the ribs, which I guess is a good thing. Adam and I have baby birthing class tonight and are eagerly looking forward to sharing the success of the "Think Method" with our teacher. We fully expect her to give us a "baby birthing prize" or something! :) We'll keep you posted.

Hope all is well with all of you! I'm sure I'll have lots to share after class tonight!


Suellen said...

Happy Birthday! I'm still not a believer in the think method. I believe that Sadie is just one smart cookie and knew she had time still. Really, who wants to spend their entire day on their head?

Cathy said...

Nnow she's so big, there's no room for her turn further, hooray! I was actually thrilled to hear the Think Method works, not only for your baby's birth, but I've been using it on an at home project, I'll let you know.

amypfan said...

Way to go, Sadie! What a great birthday present for your mom! :)