Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blah and Yeah!!

Well, the symptoms continue to come. :) I've had funny cramps and have been making many trips to the bathroom. My tummy doesn't seem to like it when I eat anything besides saltines. And, while I love saltines, I don't think I will be able to survive the next several weeks with just eating them!

Because of the funny cramps, I called the doctor. She wanted me to come in and have some blood drawn so that they could potentially determine what may be happening. They've pretty much determined that all funny cramping is pregnancy related and that the baby is actually doing quite well. When you are pregnant, they measure the amount of HcG in your blood. This is basically a hormone that (approximately) doubles every three days. This is no exact science, but the number can help to date the pregnancy. My number is 30, 763 which is higher than the doctor would necessarily expect at this point and she assured me this is a very good sign.

So, I will continue to visit my porcelain friend with the knowledge that at least all of these trips will eventually lead to a happy, healthy baby! I'll try to update again soon! Take care everyone!


amypfan said...

Trust me, you can survive for a full three months on nothing but saltines and water. Glad to hear you're doing well!!

Baby Kahl said...

Congrats!! Not sure whether you've figured it out or not, but I'm pregnant too! I'm due June 16, so I'm a bit ahead of you. It gets better - I almost feel normal now.

Glad to hear such good news!!